Work Packages

Work Packages

The project aims to accomplish its objectives by improving research careers, skills, and collaboration across disciplines. The strategy delineates five specific working areas (work packages) aimed at enhancing networking, strengthening skills, and developing and sharing research and innovation capacities. It emphasizes the importance of collaboration and knowledge exchange to achieve the goals effectively.

WP1 - Project Management and Quality Assurance

  • Providing a flexible coordination of the project activities, a proper use of resources and the appointment of quality and scientific committees to bridge gaps between Widening and non-Widening countries.
  • Coordination of the project activities, monitoring, reporting; financial management.
  • Quality management, risk assessment and scientific assessment.
  • Data management of the research input and research output data.

WP Leaders: Fatima Montemor (ULISBOA), Luis Miguel Silveira (ULISBOA), Krystyna Kubiak (Wroclaw Tech), Nuno Cunha (AAVANZ), Agata Klaus-Rosińska (Wroclaw Tech)

WP2 - Assessment and Reform of Science, Research & Innovation institutional approaches

  • Review of existing studies, practices, policy documents, and roadmaps and critical analysis of the R&I services provided in Wrocław University of Science & Technology (PL) and University of Lisbon (PT) together with local development and innovation hubs, business incubators, innovation agencies and technology parks.
  • Establishing guidelines for the reform of approaches in Widening countries, and reformulating the strategies of PL/PT ecosystems.
  • Identification of upskilling and networking needs of research managers and administrators in the two Widening universities.
  • Analysis of the links between academia and business, including the strategy for the Industry Embedded Doctoral School.
  • Open science forums to support the development of the European Open Science and Innovation Area, extending the digital campus framework developed in Unite!, providing information about availability of shared resources and simplifying access for all, namely the PL and PT researchers.

WP Leaders: Federico Bosia (POLITO), Roberto Zanino (POLITO), Barbara Widera (Wroclaw Tech), Luis Correia (ULISBOA), Lidia Herrera (UPC)

WP3 - Training and Capacity Building considering Multi-Dimension Roadmap

  • Design, implementation and evaluation of trainings covering topics such as: Research and Innovation Management; Research Careers; Digital and Green Transition; Equity, Inclusion; Gender Equality; Internationalization and Doctoral School, Open Science.
  • Complex manual to set a Science, Research & Innovation Skills Academy.

WP Leaders: Rui Mendes (ULISBOA), Katarzyna Weron (Wroclaw Tech), Antonia Bobeva (Grenoble INP-UGA)

WP4 - Principles of sharing both R&I and resources in Poland and Portugal

  • Joint Interdisciplinary actions enhancing the collaboration between researchers, especially those from the Widening countries.
  • Activities strengthening the connection between academia and business /industry, including implementing green villages and creating S&R&I Centres of Excellence.
  • Creation and development of living labs.
  • Support for the attractive research careers, by the mutual sabbatical periods, co-visiting chairs, mutual tutoring workshops.
  • Formation of the Industry-Embedded PhD School in each Widening country.

WP Leaders: Beatriz Silva (ULISBOA), Katarzyna Chojnacka (Wroclaw Tech)

WP5 - Outreach without Borders

  • Use of various communication strategies to highlight research and innovation (R&I) differences between the Widening and non-Widening environments. Collaboration with existing Unite! Alliance events in order to optimize resources and share information effectively.
  • Synchronizing efforts for increased impact and knowledge sharing through collaboration with ongoing events within the Unite! Alliance, including community gatherings, dialogues, and other affiliated projects.
  • Increasing the international visibility to the development of the project as well as promoting the R&I values to society.

WP Leaders: Anna Hejno (Wroclaw Tech), Isabel França (ULISBOA), Joaquin Minguella (UPC)